Introducing Exclusive Addons for Elementor

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) on the web today.

In 2020, over 455 million websites use WordPress. It’s true when you’re going to build a website for your business, maybe your first choice would be WordPress.

If you are interested to create amazing web pages for your WordPress site without any coding then a drag and drop page builder could be the best option for you.

And while you were searching for one I’m sure the name “Exclusive Addons for Elementor” has gone through your eyes.

Elementor is a true game-changer in the page builder landscape. It includes some unique & fabulous features. And guess what Elementor is one of the fast-growing and most popular page builders for WordPress too.

It’s time to share our excitement to explain what makes Elementor more useful. Let’s set out the ultimate way to build your webpage with third-party-addons.

You have the ability to manage a wide array of WordPress functionality. This includes customizing your sites images, forms, sliders and so on.

This is why third-party Addons for Elementor come in.

Now, you don’t need to waste your time looking for an Elementor extension that’s well coded, flexible. After a lot of research, discussions, and feedback we are super happy to announce the most awaited Exclusive Addons for Elementor to you.

We have put a lot of effort to make sure they are innovative, flexible, powerful, customizable, and lightweight.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the tasty delights of the Exclusive Addons for Elementor which has 31+ Free Widgets and 35+ Pro Widgets.

So grab a seat, and read on as we go deeper into the features of Exclusive Addons.

Before that let’s check why Exclusive Addons for Elementor is Different from others.

What Makes us Different from Others:

1. Demo Previewer7. A Slider that you have never seen in Elementor before
2. Background Gradient Animation8. Image Carousel with limitless options and effects.
3. Particles with Unique Customization Options9. Loading assets only when the widget in use (literally)
4. Promo Box (Campaign) widget10. Inline Editing
5. Header, Footer Builder with Essential Widgets for them11. Floating Animation/Blog Maker
6. The Best and Most Usable Image Hotspot.12. Exclusive Lottie Animation Widget

Provide Your Website a Premium look by Using Exclusive Addons Unique Widgets:

Campaign: Use the Exclusive Addons for Elementor Campaign Widget to promote offers, products, posts, or anything that you want to highlight on the web page.

Campaign can have content, image, countdown timer, and Mailchimp. Content, image, close button, countdown timer are allowed to be customized in an unlimited way.

Demo Previewer: Our Demo-Previewer Widget offers you the opportunity to showcase a demo or short preview of any product and provide an idea about the pricing on your WordPress site.

Demo-previewer Widget is fully responsive as they are compatible and will load in no time on the web browsers of any device.

Animated Shape: Make your site eye-catching by adding fancy animated shapes. Our Animated Shapes Widget comes with 8 builtin shapes options to add designs of your own.

You can add animated shape to the Team Member and Info Box widget. This is an additional feature to make things more interesting.

Off-Canvas Widget: Display your menu, content, or save the template with our unique and attractive Elementor off-canvas Widget that comes with tons of customizable options.

The off-canvas button, as well as the close button, doesn’t have any limitation if you want to customize them. Enable and disable options are included for the close button.

Floating animation: Create unique, organic, and fancy Floating Animated Shapes for your WordPress website as we at Exclusive Addons provide you the easiest way of adding fancy animated floating effects to your website.

Our floating animation comes with 12 exclusively built, stylish blob shapes. Use those and create a stunning design for your WordPress website.

Cookie Consent: Use Exclusive Addons for Elementor Cookie Consent Widget to ensure that the users know about the use of cookies on your website and legally collect their personal data.

Let the users get to know details about the cookies of your website with a ‘Read More” button. It is customizable, so you can design it how you want.

Let’s Look at Some Creative Widgets of Exclusive Addons for Elementor in Pro Version:

We are really glad to announce that we were launched the Exclusive Addons Pro on 2nd November 2020. This is going to be the first release of the Pro version.

In this first version, we’re introducing 36+ amazing and fully responsible Elementor widgets.

So, what are the premium widgets you are going to get? Here are a few premium widgets of exclusive Adoons.

Image Hotspot: Our Image Hotspot Widget allows you to place several interactive hotspots on an image. When in action, the hotspot will unveil a popup also known as a tooltip, that contains an image, text, header, subheader, or a button.

We are providing 3 individual styles with the image hotspot creator and fully responsive to the web browsers on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Slider Widget: Exclusive Addons for Elementor gives you a vast number of customizable options to create a unique design for your sliders. Bring quality to your WordPress slideshow sliders with all of those items. With the repeater field, include or exclude any items you want. 

News Ticker Widget: It’s for Elementor pro allows you to show news headlines or the post title from an actual news post, page, product, and Elementor header or footer. 

You can add a control button in the News ticker widget that will enhance the user experience. Style label and the news items in unlimited ways that give you a variety of options to create a unique design.

Business Hours Widget: Make things easy for visitors by showcasing your business hour with the Elementor Business Hours widget. With our Exclusive Addons Business Hour Template, add as many entries as you want.

Set your available time and dates so that your visitors and customers get to know when to meet you and when not to it.

Source Code Widget: Display all of the common programming language codes on your documentation or tutorial site by using WordPress Source Code Widget

You can display 50+ programming language codes (like HTML, CSS, PHP, Java, JavaScript) with Exclusive Addons Source Code Widget.

Image Masking Widget: Exclusive Addons provides the best image masking options for Elementor to create interesting image shapes and display them on your WordPress site.

We are offering more than 65 stylish and beautiful built-in mask shapes that will change the appearance of the image.

Gravity Form Widget:  You can create nearly all sorts of forms including the user registration form, survey forms, polls, online orders, support requests, quizzes, and questionnaires, and way further with our Gravity form Widget.

Make the form more relevant and easy to understand for the users with a title and a short description.

Post Carousel: Put your important post in the spotlight and grab the attention of your visitors using Exclusive Addons Post Carousel Widget.

You can select the posts according to Author, Categories, and Tags.

Lottie Animation: Make your web design trendy and elegant to amaze your visitors. Just drag & drop to Integrate stunning animations on your WordPress site without even touching a single line of code. It’s True

We have only shown a few premium features and widgets here. But our Ultimate vision is Exclusive Addons for Elementor is to develop a literal exclusive extension for Elementor so you won’t have to keep looking for several Elementor plugins to make a beautiful website.

Reasons to use Exclusive Addons Elementor for your WordPress website: 

Exclusive Addons for Elementor is a powerful widget set that helps you to create beautiful designs.

It has deep level customization in every widget. If you want to create something out of our pre-built styles, you are free to do so. Let’s talk about some core features:

  1. Exclusive Addons is Fast & Lightweight! We have added only a handful of third party scripts with the plugin.
  2. Exclusively designed 35+ Pro Widgets are on their way and it contains six unique widgets. We have packed 31+ Free stylish Elementors widgets.
  3. A dedicated Support Team is on your way to solve all your issues. All the customization options are available that you will ever need to fit your designs.
  4. We made 600+ Readymade Blocks for you to get an idea about what you can do.
  5. They have included the powerful live preview features of Elementor with Inline Editing Capability.
  6. All the customization options are available that you will ever need to fit your designs. 
  7. Exclusive Addons for Elementor has accumulated some Professional Developers & designers with great UX/ UI which allows you to create your websites more attractive.
  8. We have the powerful Live Preview feature of Elementor with Inline Editing capability for a bunch of our elements so far.
  9. It has an Exclusive Background Gradient Animation.

What’re we Going to Offer You in Our Pro Version:

Here are the other Premium Widgets that you will get with the premium version:

1. Breadcrumb12. Chart
2. Comparison table13. Content switcher 
3. Counter 14. Data Table
4. Icon Box15. Image Carousel
5. Instagram Feed16. Login Register
6. Mailchimp17. Navigation Menu
7. Page Title 18. Post Navigation
8. Post Slider19. Search Form
9. Site title20. Social share
10. Team Carousel21. Testimonial Carousel
11. Woo Product22. Woo Category

It has the perfect combination of elements required for building a professional-looking Website. On the other hand, due to the 31+ free elements, Exclusive Addons for Elementor is the best suited for every WordPress Website. 

With six powerful unique widgets and fully responsible 35+ pro widgets, we’re hoping Exclusive Addons will be the extension of your choice for every Elementor website.

Now take a look at our Free Widget of Exclusive Addons for Elementor:

Exclusive Addons has 30+ incredibly helpful Free Widgets that will send your mouth watering. More widgets are under development.

One of them is the post grid, which provides 4 innovative styles on your blog posts. An Infobox widget is a sort of template or sidebars designed to present a summary of the subject of the page.

The icon box has more advanced display features. Image compare is a widget that is perfect for before and after sliders. The pricing table helps create attractively customizable price tables.

With the logo carousel widget, you have a guarantee of impressive text and image carousels. The testimonial widget tells your visitors why people love your goods or services.

Team member extension displays your staff or team members beautifully. The heading widget captures creative headings for the sections of your pages.

Another element you can utilize is the filterable gallery, where your visitors can easily find the images they want. It also has an image comparison widget for before and after images as well as image hotspots.

When you have a physical establishment, you may direct your visitors on how to discover you using stylish, customizable Google Maps.

With the countdown timer feature, you can notify your visitors of the timeline for offers and events on your website.

Exclusive Addons for Elementor introduces some of the innovative and unique widgets which have modified the whole scenario of the website designing. Some of the popular widgets are Accordion, Alert, Heading, Animated text, Button, Call to action, Card, Contact Forum, Dual Button, Dual Heading, Flip Box, Image Magnifier, Logo Box, Modal Popup, Newsticker, Post Timeline, Pricing menu, Progress bar, Tab, Tooltip, Covid-19 statistics etc.

I am sure you no longer would want to wait and read ahead. Time to download and explore!

In Closing

Exclusive Addons for Elementor is an already released pro version and we’re offering at heavily discounted prices. So go ahead, and get your copy today!

Do you have any questions or suggestions or just want to share something? Please leave a comment below. I will be very happy to hear from you.