Floating Animation

Take your web design to the next level with Exclusive Addons Floating Animation Widget. Fascinating is the word we use for our Floating Animation Widget. Create unique, organic, and fancy Floating Animated Shapes for your WordPress website as we at Exclusive Elementor Addons provide you with the easiest way of adding fancy animated floating effects to your website.


Trendy and Elegant looking Floating Animation widget with endless customizable options, you have never seen in Elementor before

Default & Customized Floating Animations

Floating animation widget from Exclusive Addons comes with 12 exclusively built, stylish blob shapes. Use those and create a stunning design for your WordPress website.

Apart from the default ones, you have the option to add floating animations on your own. Create shapes from the Blobmaker.app website, and just copy-paste the SVG code here, it’s simpler than you think.

You can even add images as animation shapes. Any PNG or SVG pictures can be used as floating animation.

Elementor Floating Image Widget

An Elementor animation widget always makes things easy for you to add jaw dropping effects. You don’t have to deal with adding floatable div or other complicated techniques anymore.

You can use Elementor floating animation widget as section background to make the section highlighted.
Also can change its opacity too. From a full solid colored shape to a more transparent one, variation in opacity is an option that can change the visibility of the blob shape and make things convenient.

Designers & Developer with Great UX

Exclusive addons is collaborative project of some professional developer, designer & tested user experience of using it on some of user’s websites.

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