Elementor Countdown Timer: Why Do You Need It?

You may have applied many tips and tricks to grab users attention. Hopefully, you get the result. But have you ever used a countdown timer? Why do you use it, right? Well, let us explain!
Setting up the countdown timer is an excellent way of growing interest in your targeted user’s mind. Just think, when we see the time is going to finish, we feel the urgency to take action. Yes, it is our natural human psychology.
Countdown Timer lets you set the timer for an event, announcement, product/ service offer, and any purposes where you offer your users to take action.
You may think how simple a thing is, but you can’t realize how important the Elementor countdown timer is! We also show you later. Keep reading.

Why use a Countdown Timer on your website?

It has some excellent benefits definitely, otherwise we don’t advise you to use it. Let’s discuss the benefits without wasting time.

Creates a Sense of Urgency

It is a fact that we have told you already in short. We are sure all marketers understand its importance, and that is why they use it. They know it can create a sense of urgency, and people get the product, service, or anything that you offered before they miss out. As a result, your sales and revenue both increase a significant amount.

Motivates You

The timer is not related to selling the product or service; only it is also used to welcome people to do something on the webpage.
However, if you add the Elementor countdown timer, it will definitely inspire people to take action on your offered event.
If you can complete the event or task, you will be motivated to do something more in the future. Thus it motivates us, but we rarely realize it.

The Use of Countdown Timer and How Do They Work?

The Countdown Timer can be used for many purposes on the webpage. You should have an idea of how they work. Agree? Well, let’s see some purposes where the Countdown Timer widget is commonly used.

Launching a Product

You should reach the news to your customers that a new product you are going to launch. It is a good policy for your business, which works well. Add the timer and create curiosity in the customer’s mind about the upcoming product.

Creating hope for an Event

If you arrange an event, you definitely want to engage more and more people on that. But how do you do that? Set the event timer and give the message ‘’the time is running out’’ then see how many people are involved in that event. We’re sure you realize shortly after starting the event countdown.

Upcoming offers

If you announce that an offer is coming on a specific day, everyone starts the countdown, and the countdown timer does this job. That is why you get more customers than at the usual time. You can use countdown timer in the campaign banner to highlight the upcoming offer.

Offer Ending Soon

You can create urgency by setting up the Countdown Timer for a certain deadline with the title ‘’Offer Ending Soon.’’ It definitely attracts the customers to buy the product or service before ending the time. It really works, and you see your sale increases a lot.

Provide Information

It is such a thing using which you can provide information. Your store, website, or anything may be under construction. You can set the timer to say that we will be available after the end of the time. It is just a simple thing but has more value.

What does the Exclusive Countdown Timer offer?

Exclusive Addons, the best Elementor addons, always provides the highest number of options with almost every widgets.
So with the Countdown widget. You may wonder how far you can customize the widget. As many customizable options as possible. Let’s dive into the features the Exclusive Countdown widget has.
  • Set the time and date to countdown, once you select that, the timer will start counting down towards the end date.
  • Place a text to show after the countdown has expired.
  • Choose styles of counter and title. Set typography, color, and margin.
  • Almost every part of the layout is customizable.
  • It is responsive to the mobile device also.

How to Configure Elementor Countdown Timer?

It is just a matter of a few steps. Before starting the configuration process of countdown timer Elementor, all you need to have is the Exclusive addons. Be sure you have installed the addons and then go for starting the countdown widget configuration.
The steps to follow:

Final Words

We tried to discuss all important facts of the Elementor Countdown Timer, including setup process, customization, use of purposes, and benefits. Here, a few purposes are discussed, but you can practically realize many other purposes where it can be applied. Just use the countdown timer wisely; you will be benefitted obviously.