Promote offers on your WordPress site using Elementor Campaign Widgets

Why do people provide offers and discounts to their products? Because it increases sales while grabbing customers’ attention. It’s a proven business strategy. And you may also be following this maneuver for your product sale.
There’s a thing though. You need to highlight your offers first. When your discounts and deals are known to customers, then only this strategy is gonna work.
Well, can’t tell you about other ways of promoting the campaign, but if you have a website, we surely can serve at least one effective solution for you, adding a Campaign Banner.
Draw immediate attention of visitors to ongoing promotional offers by highlighting them on your website in a super stylish way using Exclusive Addons Campaign Widgets.
Here are some prominent features to let you know what you can do with the element.

Contents like image, and text will make it more informative

Providing information on a need-to-know basis into promo content is good, especially for your campaign.
Adding image and text will turn the promo box into a more meaningful and easy to understand.
Visualization is always effective. You can always add a beautiful image or stylish logo of your brand to the promobox. It’ll improve your brand value and spark visitors’ interest.
While for the text, use an impressive Heading with short substantial details, maybe a tagline. You can design both Heading and Details section differently by setting individual styling attributes like Typography, Color, and Margin.

Make use of Countdown Timer

Creating urgency among the customers is an effective way to make them make rapid decisions. And these decisions often work in favor of you.
A Countdown Timer is suddenly gonna help you create that urgency. Set the date and time of offer expires, you can change it later if you want.
Adding a timer is not the only option for this feature. You can control every aspect of it. Design digits, labels, dividers separately to make the countdown timer look attractive and versatile.

Include with Mailchimp

A smart way of running a business is to always look further forward. Why just end the impact with the current campaign. You can collect email addresses of customers and run an email campaign for further promotional offers by using Mailchimp.
With the widget, you get to configure Mailchimp form and change its style to blend it into your website’s design. Decide over to show a message on a successful subscription, or when an error occurs.
From height, padding, border radius to background color, you can change styling details. To make it more interesting, use different styles for hover state and normal state of Submit button.

Personalize the Appearance

Position & Skin Type:

Wondering about where to place the banner that will grab visitors’ focus easily? Well, decide over the banner positions, you can fix it to the top of your page, or at the bottom. Two of the positions where most people give the eye on at least a few times.
Also, option of choosing the skin type is there. You can either design a horizontal promo box or a vertical one.

Close Button:

You surely wanna make the banner noticeable but don’t turn it to look forceful. It’s about user comfort. Sometimes visitors can get irritated by seeing the promotion offer tediously. Try to make sure this doesn’t happen to your case.
Adding a ‘Close Button’ is one solution to this. Including the ‘Close Button’ will provide freedom to the visitor on whether he/she wants to see it or not. The button icon can be enabled or disabled while it is fully adjustable with its design.

Fully Responsive Widget

You don’t have to be concerned about the responsiveness of the element. Our Promo box Elementor widget is fully responsive and will automatically adapt to all of the web browsers with any screen-sized device.

Using Campaign Widgets in the Website

If you’ve installed and activated Exclusive Addons plugin, all you need to do is Drag & Drop the element to the selected area.
Now just configure and customize the widget to match your brand style. In Content Tab you will find options to decide over banner position, skin type, and which items to show in the box. You can also customize offer images, content, Count down timer, and subscription form.
Get full control over your campaign widget style and design, including Typography, Padding, Margin, Color, Item Spacing, and so on.
Check the documentation page, get a complete guide on using the widget.

How is the Campaign widget going to help you?

A well-designed flexible advertising box will always gonna help you grow the campaign’s popularity.
Promobox makes a great impression when your visitors first land on your site. People will be more interested than before. As Exclusive Addons Campaign Widget offers ultimate customizable options, there is no issue of the promo box conflicting with website design.
You can just customize the widget the way you want and match its style to your brand design. It’s the ultimate solution to run your promotional campaign.

Unlock advanced features with Exclusive Addons Pro

Exclusive Addons Pro comes with more amazing usable widgets like Campaign Widget.
With our extremely lightweight and fully responsive widgets, have a super-fast loading experience as your website will load in a few seconds on any device.
We have optimized the codes and left out everything that is unnecessary and may slow down your website. And add to that, you obviously want full control over the website you have developed.
Here you can control all the elements, with options to enable or disable each individual element. Keep what you need, and turn off others that you don’t want.
We have flexible plans for every possible usage. Find your perfect match Get Exclusive Addons Pro at a very Check the pricing scheme.
Leave a comment below and tell us what’s your take on this. Feel free to reach to our support team if you have any queries or suggestions.