Exclusive Addons Now Have Elementor Lottie Animation Widget in the Bucket

Animations are always great! Exciting animations can uplift your site’s engagement like magic.
But, does your lack of coding knowledge is holding you back?
Well, then don’t let it put shackles to your creativity and amazingness. Exclusive Addons is here to help you.
Integrate incredibly lightweight and high-quality animations on your WordPress site with our Lottie Animation Widget for elementor.
Lottie animations are popular among multiple platforms. Basically for its small file size, resolution independent, and run-time scalable animation with high resolution.
Adding Lottie animations to WordPress sites is now as easy as other platforms with the best elementor addons.
Our developers at Exclusive Addons have done the coding part for you. Now it’s your turn to bring the best to your website and make it look super cool.
Here is what Exclusive Addons’ latest Lottie Animation Elementor Widget offers to make things simple.

Import animation as external URL

The easiest way of adding beautiful free Lottie animations is via ‘External URL’. All you need to do is, find an animation, and copy-paste its URL on the field.
For example, you’ll find a section to copy URL under any animation on LottieFiles website. Copy one from the open-source platform. Then come back to your elementor editor panel, paste the address on respective field for URL.
And you’ll have that animation added to your design. It’s easier than you think.

Okay, but how about adding custom made animations?

We have included that option too. Choose media file as source, if you want to integrate your custom made animation.
Export animations as JSON files from Adobe After Effect. Now upload the file to your site’s media library.
Our designers have made one for us. Check this out

Does Elementor Lottie Animation Widget slow down websites?

The one-word answer is, no! There is no chance. Lottie Animation itself is famous for its lightweight.
Often big-size files like animation turn websites slow, and make visitors angry. Specially with WordPress animations. As they take a long time to load on web browser. It causes enough harm to your website’s user experience.
But Lottie is different. Even smaller than files like PNG, JPG, or GIF, it doesn’t cause much difference to site’s storage.
It’s super small file size actually helps sites to maintain a usual loading speed. Adding an advanced feature like Lottie and keeping your website lightweight.
Isn’t it incredible? It is surely.

Well, but resolution quality is essential too!

Yes, and this makes this feature more phenomenal. The animation file format amazingly maintains decent high quality too.
The Lottie player always renders files at the native resolution. This ensures the best quality possible for Lottie animations on a user’s device.
So, when you import the animation on your website, resolution is not a thing to worry about.

Decide how to trigger the animation

You get to choose trigger style for Lottie animations. Several options available, make a diversity in style.
Decide among choices like ‘Autoplay’, ‘Viewport’, ‘On Click’, ‘On Hover’, and ‘Scroll’ to trigger animation.

Control animation speed and play style

From the settings section, you can adjust play speed. Make animation speed slower or faster, the way it looks convenient.
You also get to decide whether to play animation in a loop or not, from the setting section.

A unique option to rotate animation

Exclusive Addons Elementor Lottie Animation Widget comes with an extraordinary feature of rotating animation.
The 360-degree rotation gives flexibility to merge animation into web design. This is also a chance to make more creative designs for web pages.

There are lots more...

Yes. Our widget has a lot more to offer. The fully customizable element lets you tailor appearance to your wish. In style tab, you’ll find option to adjust its Width.
You can set individual attributes like Opacity and CSS Filter for animation in ‘Normal’ and ‘Hover’ state. CSS Filter contains properties like Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation, and Blur.
Add to that, you have the option to customize the appearance of caption. Choose its position, set typography, text color, and other modifiable features.

Learn how to import and use Lottie Animation Widget

Just like all other elementor widgets, drag & drop the element to where you want to place the animated widget. Now you get to choose Source type of Lottie animation.
Simply copy and paste URL of any animation on LottieFiles. Or, you have the option to upload one from your computer or local storage.
Once you import Lottie, all you need to do is customize its style that matches your web design.
Check out the full documentation of this widget and learn How to configure and style elementor Lottie Animation Widget with detailed instructions.

Wrapping it up

We at Exclusive Addons is always on a roll to provide you with the best. As we say, we’re here to change your website building experience with elementor.
With our new Elementor Lottie Animation Widget, you surely gonna experience this. You’ll be able to integrate fascinating animation into your website easily and efficiently.
And to what’s amazing is, this high-quality animation won’t slow down your website as Lottie Files are very small in size. Lightweight and well optimized.
So, make your site design look trendy, eye-catchy, and user-friendly. Exclusive Addons Elementor Lottie Animation Widget!
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