Groundbreaking Lottie Animation is Up next in Exclusive Addons

Anyone dealing with animations for a decade or so will tell you this story. They’ll tell how difficult and lengthy the process was to implement animations on websites or mobile applications at that time.
And then you can consider yourself lucky. Working on a time when there is a revolution called Lottie Animation is around you.
Making things super easy to add animations on multiple platforms- almost all the popular platforms to be exact.
This your chance of adding lightweight, high-quality animations to your website. Lottie Animation Widget is on its way, coming from Exclusive Addons straight to your websites.

About Lottie Animation

What is Lottie?

The open-source animation file format is famous for its smaller size and flexible scalability.
Web, iOS, Android, and React Native applications can use animations as easily as to use static images. Thanks to this JSON based system.
In technical terms, Lottie works with Adobe After Effect animations exported as JSON files through Bodymovin extension.
This extension Bundled with a JavaScript player. It can render animations in real-time.
The multiplatform, free Lottie player is available for web, iOS, Windows, Android, Tizen, OT, and several other platforms.
All you need to add animation to your project is to import Lottie animation using LottieFiles. It will automatically generate lines of code that you need.


While Lottie is an animation format, LottieFiles is the platform. A platform to test, collaborate and share those animations.
The platform comes with a wide span of features and tools, simplifying the task of discovering, creating, and implementing Lottie animations.

Why people are crazy about it

In the old days, developers used to recreate animation with limited options in their hands.
In a less efficient way, they had to implement animations created by motion designers and try their best to restore quality.
This is where Lottie comes to the rescue. It renders After Effect animations in real-time, and the files are resolution-independent.
The runtime scalable files will maintain decent high quality. While playing your animation on both web browser and mobile device.
Probably the best thing about Lottie animations, they are super lightweight.
As they say and we quote, “If a PNG is a T-Rex, and a GIF is an elephant, then a Lottie is a puppy”.
This example is just perfect to describe how lightweight Lottie is! Adding amazing, cool animations and also not making the website so heavy!
With these kinds of traits, available for multi-platforms, why wouldn’t people go crazy about it?

The history of Lottie Animation

It has all started back in 2015. When Bodymovin’s creator, Hernan Torrisi originated the idea of exporting and then rendering Adobe After Effect animation in runtime.
He released Bodymovin plugin for After Effects using its scripting abilities and first-ever rendered format for JS-based browser player.
In 2017, engineers at Airbnb saw its potential and built iOS & Android libraries to render JSON animation files. They named it ‘Lottie’.
In next few years, range was extended. As platforms like Microsoft, .Net Foundation, Tizen, and QT released their library and support for rendering Lottie.
And Finally, last year, creators came up with an open-source file format to aggregate more than one Lottie file and associated resources into a single file.
Here is a bit of a back story for you.
This animation file format was named after Charlotte Lotte Reiniger. A German film director considered the foremost pioneer of silhouette animation.

Guess what? Exclusive Addons is coming up with Lottie Widget for Elementor

As we say, we at Exclusive Addons is here to change your website building experience with Elementor. And our Lottie Animation Widget is going to be the next addition to the bucket.
Lottie is creating revolutions to websites.
Just like static sites, Websites built with Elementor can have high-quality animations.
Things are going to be much easier with the Best Elementor Addons.
Without writing a single line of code, you can implement animations to your website with our new widget.
How is it gonna help? It’ll surely attract more visitors and enhance user experience. A great addition to increases engagement, as it turns out.
So hold your breath for a bit now. Get excited.
Because Exclusive Addons Lottie Animation Widget is surely going to be an exciting addition to your website.