Explore WordPress latest updates and features as ‘WordPress 5.6’ is officially released

Just a couple of days earlier, the most popular Content Management System (CMS) for websites has unveiled its latest version, ‘WordPress 5.6’. For more than a decade now, WordPress has been famous and well-liked among users as it’s fun to build websites with.
It brings more user-friendly ingredients with every update to make things much easier for its users.
With features like Additional Block Patterns, PHP 8 support, REST API password authentication, Automatic Updates for major releases, and definitely a yearly event of launching new default WP theme, WordPress 5.6 has a lot to offer.
Let’s dive in and explore what’s new with the most recent release of WordPress.

Auto-updates is now extended for major WordPress releases

For years, automatic updates of WordPress weren’t for all. Auto-updates, if you remember, first introduced in WordPress 3.7 version but only available for developers.
Things became easier with the release of 5.5 version as the trait was enabled for some specific plugins. With new version of WordPress 5.6, any user can now turn on automatic update feature for major WordPress releases.
To enable this feature, all you need is to go to ‘Updates’ from your dashboard. Under ‘WordPress Updates’ section, click on ‘Enable automatic updates for all new versions of WordPress’.
Auto-Update is an optional feature, so enabling it completely depends on you.

WordPress latest updates for Block Editor

For any WordPress user, Block Editor is the main concern of whole system. This is where a majority of their work is done. So let’s see what’s new for Block Editor with the latest update of WordPress.

User-friendly settings for videos

  • WordPress 5.6 comes with the unique option of Video Position Control for Cover Block. This new feature allows users to set custom positions for videos by moving focal points around.
  • The latest version provides better support for video subtitles and captions. Uploading subtitles and captions are now much easier for video content creators and editors as they can upload them within their post or page.

Organize patterns categorically

The release of WordPress 5.6 made it super easy for users to locate and use a pattern. You can change categories from pattern panel as it has a category switcher now.

Layout flexibility

New version of this CMS comes with tools that give you extra flexibility to make all sorts of customized styles like gradient colors, full-width headers, single column blocks, and designs involving mixed widths and columns.

Improved technical support for developers

Authentication for REST API with application password

With the latest update of WordPress, new REST API feature will let you connect third-party apps to your website more securely as it allows developers to use an application password. You can now manage the app access and monitor which apps are connecting to your site.

PHP 8 Support

If you’ve some knowledge about WordPress Backend, you definitely know this content management system is primarily written in PHP. And you may know as well that the programming language also released a new version called PHP 8.
Therefore developers of WordPress 5.6 set the ball rolling towards ensuring its compatibility with PHP 8. So that users don’t have to face any major issues if they upgrade to the latest version of PHP.

Addition to the ongoing process of jQuery upgradation

Developers of WordPress has planned a long term process of upgrading jQuery. After marking the first step with the release of 5.5 version, WordPress 5.6 is the second phase of this process. They are at the mid-point and have targeted to complete the process with the release of 5.7 version.

The Twenty Twenty One Theme

For about a decade now, WordPress has been coming up with a brand new default theme once a year. As expected, name of this year’s theme is Twenty Twenty One. WordPress is calling it a ‘Blank Canvas for your ideas’.
The new theme is a minimalist one built for WP block editor canvas and ensures the high accessibility of your site.
It comes with all-new exclusive block patterns, you can try different layouts swiftly and make your site look stunning with the theme.
WordPress latest updates-Rainbow of soft pastels
Maintaining the AAA contrast standards, the theme gives you a set of built-in color combinations which itself is quite stylish and will make your WordPress site eye-catching.
You can choose your own background colors also can select from several pastel color schemes. And don’t worry about text and other color adjustments. Theme will automatically adapt those colors according to background color.
Are you excited about WordPress latest updates? Did they full-filled your needs? Please leave a comment with your thoughts.
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