Create a unique and stunning Wordpress Cookie Consent box with Exclusive Addons

To run a website smoothly, you need to deal with cookies. This is to give a better user experience to visitors while browsing your website.
Website Cookies, if you don’t know, are small files that website stores on a computer using web browsers.
In order to store and use those data, you’ve to notify that your website applies cookies. And then take the approval before using their information.
With Exclusive Addons Cookie Consent for Elementor, easily create cookie banner for your Wordpress site consent. You don’t have to be a coding expert or hiring one.
Using the widget, you can show a cookie message. Customization of an accept button, and ‘Read More’ CTA button to let visitors know details about cookie policy.

What is web Cookie?

Unlike the one we eat, Web Cookies are tiny pieces of data that websites leave on users’ devices. When a visitor loads up a website, the page checks if there it’s cookies stored in that device.
This helps improving user experience of your site. Like, showing the same pop-ups or banners every time someone visits the site can become really annoying.
Thus keeping a record of visitors’ activity to certain features can become handful. If a user turns off a feature, you know he/she doesn’t like it. So, not to display that feature further when that user visits your website is a wise idea.

Why using cookies helpful?

Cookies can hold data about visitors’ location. Presenting specific content based on the region or country is obviously gonna bring more focus to the site.
Saving login information also can eliminate the hassle of logging into the site by entering username and password.
Overall, cookies can be used to draw a virtual portrait of visitors to show different content based on pageviews.
Presenting user-specific content will surely gonna give your website a fresh look. Every time a visitor loads the page will enhance the user experience.

Features of Exclusive Addons Cookie Consent Widget

Overall, cookies can be used to draw a virtual portrait of visitors to show different content based on pageviews. Presenting user-specific content will surely gonna give your website a fresh look every time a visitor loads the page and also enhance user experience.
  • Show Cookies Message
  • Design Accept button
  • Customize Read More button
  • Place the Consent Bar Freely
  • Fully Responsive

Show a cookie consent message

Add a message to help users understand the function of WordPress Cookie Plugin. The message is customizable, message content to text size, color, and styles are changeable.

Customize the cookie button

The button that users will click while allowing you to use the cookie, is customizable so that you can set any design and color of the button and add any suitable text with color and style into Cookie Consent.

Set position of the cookie banner

The cookie consent can be at the top, bottom, or center of the page. Top-right, top-left, bottom-right, bottom-left, or center-right, center-left, place it to any of those positions on the web page.

Design ‘Read More’ CTA button

Let the users get to know details about the cookies of your website.
With a ‘Read More” button, take your users to the cookie policy page. You will find a lot of cookie policy templates on the internet to create a cookie page for your website.
As per the button, you can customize it entirely and design it how you want.

Fully Responsive

It is a fully responsive widget, that on any size of the display, Exclusive Addons Cookies Consent works perfectly fine.

How to create a WordPress Cookie Consent banner with Exclusive Addons

If you have Exclusive Addons Pro for Elementor installed and Activated, just find the element from the left panel. Use Drag & Drop feature to enable the widget.
Now all you need to do is add the content and customize its design the way you want. From content tabs, add a message you wanna show in consent banner.
You can set cookie button text as well as read more button text and setting a link to the button. Decide over the banner position and expiry days if you want.
In Style tab, you can change every designing detail of each section like container, content, read more button, and cookie button.
Check the full details on how to configure and style the Cookie Consent widget from the documentation page.

GDPR Cookie Consent and Legal Necessity of showing Wordpress Cookie Notice

If your website welcomes visitors from Europe, you must have to include a GDPR cookie banner on your website. One of the keystones of the EU’s GDPR law.
The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the data protection & privacy regulation for the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA) that also addresses transfer of personal data outside of the EU and the EEA region.
Under GDPR, it’s the liability of websites to take definite consent of users for a specific purpose.
This is why it’s strictly essential for you to show a cookie use announcement. As to take the approval of visitors before using cookies on your website.
To do so, many use WordPress GDPR cookie plugins. However, if you are using our Cookie Consent widget, you don’t need any extra GDPR cookie consent plugin.

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