Google Map Widget: Embed Maps on your Website, Easier than Ever Before

Believe it or not, almost 85% of consumers use the internet to find out actually what he wants and what is best?
So when you are going to online visibility that time your business needs provides the company’s details and location.
Now you can ask me why?
Your company’s location is now a vitally important part of showcasing your business. Google Maps plays a vital role to fulfill that job entirely.
Now you may realize something about the importance of google maps.
Let’s talk about Google Map Widget for Elementor.
Now we are going to explain how this widget works? How to configure and set up this widget?

Exclusive Addons Google Map Widget

In today’s digitally dominated world, Don’t you think having a business website or online presence is effective?
If you are using Exclusive Addons for Elementor, you are in luck.
Yes, Exclusive Addons provides you Free Widget that makes it easy to embed Google Maps to your Website as well as add styling to it.
The google map widget is a simple way to embed google maps on your website. It’s useful for contact pages, so your visitors can easily know where you are located.
It is very useful for contact pages, so your visitors can without difficulty realize where you are placed.
Through the usage of google maps for Elementor, you may use more than one location in a single map.

Importance of Google Map for Displaying Business Location

In our daily life, Google Maps becomes a great friend.
By using the Google map Widget for website your use adds multiple locations in a single map.
Google maps give you traffic alerts, time, or distance and also help to find out the shortest routes.
It allows you to be listed on maps.
Once you get listed, your business will become visible and that will strengthen your online presence.
So if you use a google maps widget on your website, your customers can easily find your location on the map.
And new people will feel relieved to see your online visibility.

General Features of the Google Maps Widget

This Widget is a simple-to-use WordPress plugin that enables users to put any kind of map anywhere on the site.
It’s optimized for speed and ultra-low Google Maps API resource usages, so it saves both time and money.
  • Add Multiple Custom Markers.
  • Custom Map Styles for Google Maps.
  • Marker Clusters.
  • Different Map Types.
  • Stylish Maps Theme.
  • Map with Street View & Zoom Control.
  • Responsive Maps with All Functional Features.

Way to add Google Maps plugin to Elementor website:

A quick manual on designing responsive maps for your very own.
For this, you don’t want to hire a coder or have competence in developing.
The approximate time is just a couple of minutes.
  1. Design your custom-made Google Map
  2. Receive the unique code for publishing the plugin
  3. Display the plugin on Elementor website
  4. Setup is finished!
Go to your site, to check your widget.
Using Google Map Widget of Exclusive Addons Elementor, you can create beautiful Google Map for your webpage.
So, let’s learn how to configure and style the Google Map Widget of Exclusive Addons documentation page.

Reasons to Use Google Map Widget

If you have a local business and office with a real physical address, showing your location is something you shouldn’t skip when adding new pages to your site.
Whether you have a complete website, portfolio, or a simple landing page that’s up there to capture peoples’ attention, you just have to embed Google Maps and display your address.
So, let’s check out some reasons why you should use it on your Wordpress site.
  • Stay easy to find and attract more real-life visitors.
  • Increase leads confidence showing details about your physical presence.
  • Easier choice of destination for clients with handy location list.
  • Stay easy to reach with detailed contact.
  • Unlimited markers and automatic routes for more visits.
  • Everything to configure a clear and helpful map.
  • Create a unique customs look of the map.

Final Outcome

When you have any business and you run any website to attract customers and also for lead collection.
That time your best helper will be Google Map Widget.
Because you can easily add location, choose map size, controls, map types, and even map theme.
Exclusive Addons provides 36+ Free Essential Widgets & Exclusive Extensions that are very easy to use and mobile responsive also.
So, What do you think about this Widget? Have you tried this plugin on your site?
Feel free to leave your comment if you have.