How Filterable Elementor Gallery Make Your Website Eye-Catching

Why do you need to add a filterable gallery on your WordPress website?
Suppose, you own an online business and have a website, but there is no option to showcase different styles of your work, and your users can discover items that interest them.
So, What’ll happen?
In this article, we will show you how to create a filterable gallery easily. Did you know Filterable Gallery is also known as an Elementor gallery?
Ready to dive deep? Let’s go…

What is Filterable Gallery Widget?

A filterable gallery allows you to showcase as much as images you want to ensure the high quality and organize it in an outstanding layout.
Let’s find out all of its unique features & functions in a while.
For example, someone looking for a fashion photographer may want to see your work in fashion. Adding filters to your image portfolio allows you to show your work under different tags.
Once the photos are grouped in categories, you can use it as a clickable filter on the front-end. This widget comes with a lot of stylish options and features.

Reason to use Elementor filterable Gallery on your websites:

  • A simple way to create great-looking galleries for your visitors
  • Filterable Gallery gives you some useful backend performance options, like lazy loading, adding watermarks and image preloading for the lightbox images.
  • It will provide you with a beautiful mosaic gallery about 30 seconds after installing the plugin.
  • Filterable gallery widget makes a great option if you want a tool to help you create beautiful front-facing galleries.
Why You Chose The Best Addons for Elementor
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Key features of the Filterable Elementor Gallery

The Exclusive Addons widget offers you three types of design:
  • Grid layouts.
  • Masonry layouts.
  • Justified forms for your image galleries.
You can display images in a stunning gallery layout and add filters to your galleries and make it more accessible for your website visitors. You’re able to create an image gallery in beautiful designs with impressive captions and stunning hover effects.

What you'll get from Exclusive Addons Filterable Gallery?

Add an elementor gallery with filters, create a gallery, and portfolio anything you like with our Filterable Gallery widget.
Organize the items under multiple filters with options to add Title and Description with it. And the widget comes with the most beautiful designs, not to mention.

Can add a countless number of items to the Gallery?

In the content section, add as many items as you want. You can include or delete items simply with a click only.

Able to decide on the contents to show

For each item, you can add an image, gallery title, details. Choose hover style, visibility of icons and controls, and select the number columns to show.
Decide where to show the contents, you can set the content below the image or over the image.
Include items under Control Name, add as many as you want, but must put at least two things under a Control Name. This is how it works.

Can choose every styling details of elementor gallery?

You have control over the styling, including padding, margin, and box-shadow.
Set specific typography, padding, margin, and box-shadow for every item. Adjust border, border-radius, text colour, background colour, and icon parameters (like icon size-colour, box size, and background colour) independently for both Hover and Normal state.
The title and description section of the elementor gallery chooses the text color, background colour, typography, and lots of other properties for each item.

How to Configure and Style Filterable Gallery Element?

Using the Filterable Gallery Widget of Exclusive Addons for Elementor, you can create a beautiful Filterable Gallery for your webpage. So, check out the documentation page and learn how you can configure, style elementor filterable gallery widget.

Final Thought

By following the necessary steps and a bit more modifying, you can style your Filterable Gallery content as per your preference.
Are you getting stuck?
Feel free to leave your comment and contact Exclusive Addons support team for further assistance about Filterable Elementor Gallery.