Want To Grab Customers’ Attention? Counter Widgets for Elementor Can Help

There is strength in numbers, but organizing those numbers is one of the great challenges.
– John C. Mather
Numbers are always effective. Only when you show them in an organized and attractive way to get attention.
So, numbers are the primary thing you often need to communicate with your audience. And showing your achievements in numbers will surely snatch the focus over anything.
How can you showcase the business numbers of your completed projects and your happy customers on your website?
Hey, haven’t heard about the Counter Widgets before?
No need to feel sorry.
Today, I am here to share in details of Counter Widgets for Elementor. I will be showing you how to simply put the light in prime data using Counter Widgets for Elementor.

Why do you need a number counter?

Numbers add value to your word. For example, saying that you run a popular website is an ordinary statement. But when you say your website has a daily 1K visitors, it surely gonna make your claim authentic.
As the owner of an online business, you want to grab the trust and attention of your visitors.
Therefore, you can achieve that by adding a simple number counter on your website. A counter that lets you highlight all your special achievements and stats.
If you are using an Elementor for your WordPress site, there is great news.
You can solve all of those problems by using Counter Widgets on your WordPress website.
Yes, a Counter Widget is a great eye-catching way to display any kind of numerical statistic on your website.
Such statistics are useful in increasing your blog’s popularity in the competitive online world.

What can you do with Counter Widgets?

Knowing and understanding customer needs is at the center of every successful business.
So, you won’t succeed unless you pay attention to what it is your customers really want. That means you have to listen to them and figure out what they want.
But, not every data you’re going to put using counter Element has to be about serious achievement.
As a result, you can come up with creative designs to make the counter element look attractive to visitors.
Now, you can grab your visitor’s attention by emphasizing significant statistical numbers on your WordPress website in an instant.
It can turn your potential customers into real ones. Design and user experience play a vital role in increasing web traffic.

Features of the Counter Widget

Showcase the number of your active clients, subscribers, base-happy clients, and achievements on the homepage of your website. Counter widgets will let you do all this.
So, let’s a look widget’s features:

What makes Exclusive Addons Counter Widget special?

We have tried to compliment the default Elementor Counter Widget by adding a Counter Widget to our plugin.
At this point, take a peek at what Counter widget from Exclusive Addons adds up to functionalities.

How to use Counter Widgets for Elementor

Including an eye catchy number counter to your website is easy. Using the Drag & Drop functionalities of Elementor, you can simply place the counter where you want it to be.
In the content tab, you will get to configure the widget and its components. From the style tab you can design and customize the counter.
Set the counter number, Prefix, counting speed and other functions in the content tab. The style tab has all the customizable options to style the widget.
Get to know how to style and configure the Exclusive Addons Counter widget from the documentation page.

When should you use A Counter Widget on the website?

Suppose, You want to showcase several achievements with a numerical value like the number of visitors to a website or the number of downloads for your products.
So, maybe it’s clear to you- Counters are used to display numerical values on any page or post.
For instance, On social networking sites, the likes are easy to judge, and on review sites, five stars are easy to measure.
It’s true, numbers are hard to ignore, and your visitors will not resist a page-turner.
Therefore, if you want to design engaging websites then you must have a WordPress stats plugin.
A little point to mention here. Counter widgets are different from the Countdown widget. The functionalities are different too. Don’t get confused between them.
Know about countdown widgets from our blog on Elementor Countdown Timer.

Final Thought

Make a great impression of your website in mere seconds by showcasing your milestones and significant stats with Exclusive Addons Counter Widget.
It allows showcasing stats like the number of visitors to the site or the number of downloads for any product and so on.
Do you have any questions or suggestions or just want to share something? Please leave a comment below. I will be very happy to hear from you.