Save Half of your Budget, Exclusive Addons comes with the best Black Friday deal of 2020

Set an alarm, the biggest shopping event of the year,  Elementor black Friday deals is now less than a week away.
An event originally comes from USA, is now becoming increasingly popular among other regions. It’s the year’s best time to find a deal. People go shopping, buying stuff at a cool discount rate. With the pandemic affecting everything, online shopping on this year’s Black Friday is going to be massive.
Just about a week to go, you surely have started drawing your shopping cart. Well, then add Exclusive Addons to that cart. I’m telling you, you’re not gonna Regret!
Exclusive Addons, the new revolution to Elementor Page Builder. Elementor is the ultimate Wordpress page builder. And we’re the best Elementor addons with full scale ready to become home for complete Wordpress website building solutions.
Elementor Pricing table is crucial for businesses that provide more than one option or product. The visitors analyze the options before they pick the one that is perfect for them.
If you’re looking for an Elementor page builder that brings you the most modern, trendy design with ultimate customizable options, then you’d love this. Free and Pro, find a widget for every need.

Elementor Black Friday Offer From Exclusive Addons

Okay okay, I think now you are really getting anxious to know about our Elementor black Friday deals! Here it is.
Guess what, we’re cutting out half of the prices. Yes, it’s a Flat 50% discount. Purchase any of our plans and pay just the half of original price. For how long? Following the tradition of Black Friday sale, it’s gonna be a long patch of discount. November 23rd, to December 10th, 18 days is a good enough period of time to grab the offer. Isn’t it?
Check out our Pricing scheme, and be ready to get this fascinating offer. You won’t find this kind of massive discount on a regular day with any other plugin.


The Exclusive Addons comes with these prominent features. Have a look. 
  • Incredibly Customizable 
  • Inline Editing
  • Trendy Design
  • Background Gradient Animation
  • Unique Particle with Customizable options
  • Header-Footer Builder
  • Fast Loading 
Our extremely lightweight and fully responsive plugins will give you a super-fast loading experience and your website will load in a few seconds on any device. We have left out everything that is unnecessary and optimized the codes, so there is no chance of slowing down your website.
Fully Customizable widgets will give you full control over the website you have developed. Design your website the way you want. Our widgets gonna fit into your website design flawlessly because of their immense modifiable options.
Well, that’s not all!! Boring and old fashioned website days are over. Give your website a modern look using our widgets. All our elements look stylish, trendy, and elegant, thanks to our creative design team.
We made 600+ readymade blocks for you to get an idea about what you can do. Get any of the blocks and templates you need from our template library.
See it live as you change it! We have enabled Inline Editing with Live Preview for most of our elements. So you can see as you edit your element without the delay of a second.
With Global styling options, you can now change the default Color scheme for the widgets all at once on a single click from Admin Dashboard.

Free vs Pro

Exclusive Addons has a lot to offer, free of cost. A considerable number of free widgets and features. But you’ve to pay for the advanced and premium products and services. Here is what you can have with our Free and Pro version:
Free Version
Pro Version
30+ Basic Widgets
Regular Update and Support
Post Duplicator
Inline Editing
Trendy Design
Fast Loading
Incredibly Customizable
35+ Advanced Widgets
Gradient Animation
Header Footer Builder
Section Parallax
Section Particles
Header Footer Widgets
Premium Update & Service

Who we are?

Exclusive Addons is a DevsCred product. DevsCred is the WordPress theme and plugin developer where we believe in making things the right way. We always go on to meet our clients’ requirements. Our thought process is simple, we’ll provide quantity but won’t compromise with quality.
Exclusive Addons already have *4000+ active users, satisfied and happy with our service.
We have built a clean, lightweight, minimal, and fully customizable WordPress theme. We call it Credence. A multipurpose theme with *1000+ installation so far, perfectly suitable for blogs, startups, small businesses, agencies, e-commerce sites, also for personal portfolio sites.
Our highly qualified support team is ready to answer any of your questions or to help you with any problem you are facing. Whenever you need us, we are here for you.

Final Thoughts of Elementor black friday deals

Nothing in the year 2020 is usual as before. Now that second wave of COVID-19 is hitting back in countries, you need to ensure your safety first. It’s hard sitting back at home and run business as usual, we all have experienced that throughout the year.
But one thing that easier to do is building website of your own. So, find comfort in your couch and buy online, utilizing this great 50% flat discount offer for Elementor black friday deals. You surely gonna enjoy building websites using Exclusive Addons for Elementor.
Visit our website for further info.
You can have a look at the Pricing details we are providing. We care for you, and this is beyond any occasion like Black Friday. We hope it’s gonna be a long run. Stay connected.
Dive into the long list of our 70+ Widgets and extensions filled with quality and quantity. Please feel free to Contact Us if you feel we can add anything more for you.