12 Best Elementor Addons for Building Web Pages With No Coding Skills

What are the Best Elementor Addons? It is a very common question and quite difficult to find out. So, how do you pick the best Elementor addons?
However, by end of 2021, 90% of the world’s population over the age of six will have a mobile phone.
That means if you don’t focus on your website, specifically the user experience and flexibility you will lose business.
So, you can do it with the assistance of WordPress plugins. WordPress is open-source and flexible to use, also easily customizable.
There are over 39.5% of all websites created in WordPress in this world.
Note: This Data source is “Search Engine Journal” which article published on Jan 04, 2021.
Ever since the Elementor Addons was introduced in 2016, it has completely taken over the WordPress industry.
As of May 2020, Over 5 million professional websites are built with Elementor and the number is gradually increasing day by day.
Note: This Data source is “Elementor” which article published on May 19, 2020.

Why Elementor is simply the best?

Elementor Page Builder is a tool for building web pages that does’t require any coding skills. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about hiring developers as you do it yourself without coding.
Yes, this has come true.
You can create a special vibe by using the Elementor Widgets. By the end of this article, you will no longer have any doubt about where to get started. Because we are going to discuss the Best Elementor Addons that you need to enhance page building experience. You can create a special vibe by using the Elementor Widgets.
find out how Elementor performs compared to other page builders. Read our article on Elementor vs Divi, where we have discussed about these two popular WordPress plugin.

How are Elementor Addons going to help?

It’s time for giving huge thanks to Elementor, which is now the leading Page Builder for WordPress. The Elementor plugin offers tons of fantastic elements, but you still want something more advanced, fabulous, and unique.
There are a ton of great third-party Elementor Addons that extend the core plugin even further.
Whether you’re using a free or paid version of Elementor, these amazing Elementor Addons can give you flexibility when you build your designs.
Due to the nature of WordPress, even the best page builders need a theme as their canvas. I’ve already blogged about the Best Elementor Themes. Make sure you follow that blog post.
By the way, I’m going to write a post, in addition, collected some of the popular Free and Premium Addons for Elementor to enrich your knowledge on Elementor addons.
By the end of this article, you will no longer have any doubt about where to get started. Because we are going to discuss the best Elementor addons that you need to enhance page building experience.
Let’s dive into finding the best addons for Elementor.
This is a powerful widget set that helps you to create beautiful designs.
It has deep level customization in every widget. If you feel you want to create something special out of our pre-built style, then you are free to do.
elementor addons
Exclusive Addons has 30+ Incredibly mouth watering Amazing Free Widgets.
One of them is the Post Grid, which provides 4 innovative styles on your blog posts. An Infobox Widget is a sort of template or sidebars designed to present a summary of the subject of the page.
Icon Box has more advanced display features. Image Compare Widget that is perfect for before and after sliders and pricing Table helps create attractively customizable price tables.
Similarly, logo Carousel Widget has a guarantee of impressive text and image carousels, and testimonial Widget tells your visitors why people love your goods or services.
Team Member extension displays your staff or team members beautifully. The Heading Widget captures creative headings for the sections of your pages.
Another element you can utilize is the Filterable Gallery, where your visitors can easily find the images they want. It also has an Image Comparison Widget for before and after images as well as Image Hotspots.
When you have a physical establishment, you may direct your visitors on how to discover you using stylish, customizable Google Maps Widget.
Exclusive Addons comes with a bunch of Woo Commerce widgets including Woo Product, Woo Category, Woo Cart, Woo Mini Cart, Woo Checkout, and more.
On the other hand, Exclusive Elementor Addons introduces some of the innovative and unique widgets which have modified the whole scenario of website designing.
Likewise, some of the popular widgets are-
  • Lottie Animation
  • Demo Previewer
  • Mega Menu
  • Modal Popup
  • Slider
  • Floating Animation
  • Woo Product
  • Woo Category
  • Woo Cart
  • Woo Mini Cart
  • Woo Checkout
  • Contact Form 7
  • Gravity Form
  • Instagram Feed
  • Facebook Feed
  • Post Timeline 
  • Post Grid
  • Post Carousel
  • News Ticker
  • Pricing Menu
  • Covid-19 Statistics
I am sure you no longer would want to wait and read ahead. Time to download and explore!

Things To Consider Before Choosing:

  • Fully Responsive 
  • Total 80+ Widgets & Extensions
  • More than 35+ Free Widgets 
  • Customizable Widgets with 800+ Readymade Blocks. 
  • 21 Days Money Back Guarantee 
  • Extremely customizable options
  • The powerful Live Preview feature with Inline Editing Capability
  • Every Widget is Lightweight & Super Fast 
  • A Unique Gradient Color Changing Animation for any Section Background.
  • Interactive Animated Particles with exclusive options 
  • A dedicated Support Team 24/7 Hours 
  • Free Online Support 
  • Documentation support
  • Premium support
  • Demo for Every Element
  • Professional Developers & Designers with great UX/UI
Price: Exclusive Elementor Addons offers 3 different packages starting from $39 Per Year for 1 site, $79 Per Year for 5 sites, $119 Per Year for 1000 sites and $299 Per Year for Unlimited Sites.
The Lite version is free and available in the WordPress repository. Essential Addons comes in Lite and Pro Versions.
Its premium versions allow you to design attractive websites with ease.
Most importantly, the free version is popular, well-rated, and gets you access to 40+ widgets. Including grids, post timelines, contact forms 7, and more.
But, once you disable the elements, they will not impact the load time of your website as none of their resources will be loaded.
  • Content Module: lets you build excellent content by using elements like Info Box, Creative Buttons, ToolTip, Content Toggle, etc.
  • Dynamic Content Bundle: It allows you to show posts, data tables, galleries, products, and content dynamically.
  • Marketing Bundle: Conversion-optimized pricing tables, calls to action boxes, and a price menu.
  • Create Bundle: Elements such as Image Comparison, Countdown, Divider, Lightbox & Module, etc.
  • Form Styler Bundle: These elements allow you to connect powerful email marketing tools and form builder plugins.
  • Social Bundle: Social elements like Facebook feed, Twitter feed, etc. 

Basic Things at a Glance:

  • 1+ million active installation
  • Good customizable option
  • Compatible with WordPress Version 5.0 and higher
  • 100+ readymade blocks
  • Ultralight & instant loadable
Price: Pricing starts from $39.97.

Happy Addons for Elementor

This Elementor addon creates a huge buzz in Elementor users due to its unique custom designs and flexibility.
It is a collection of well-organized and powerful widgets. Specially designed to work in conjunction with Elementor Page Builder.
elementor addons
Also, it has a large collection of 87 effective widgets including Card, Info Box, Pricing Table, Animated Text, Advanced Heading, Testimonial Carousel, Feature List, Contact Form 7, Social Feed, and many more about to reveal.
Besides, it facilitates you with 16+ amazing happy features like Instance, Preset, Live Copy, Cross-Domain Copy Paste, Image Masking, etc.
They offer two amazing Happy Effect for every Elementor Widget:
1. Floating Effects 2. And CSS Transforms

Things To Consider Before Choosing:

  • 100,000+ active installation 
  • Compatible with WordPress Version 4.7 & higher
  • Built-in motion effects for amazing animation 
  • Easy adaptable and customizable with any exciting site
  • 24 hours of professional customer support
  • Update new features and widgets every week
Price: The Pro version starts from $39/year. And it has also 6 individual price plans.

Premium Addons for Elementor

Using Premium Addons, you will have 55+ Highly Customizable widgets that will allow you the ability to build sophisticated websites. It comes in both the Free and Premium versions.
Premium Elementor Addons offers 22+ widgets in the free version and more than 33+ Widgets in Premium Version.
It is modular, which means you can enable elements that you are using and disable the rest for faster performance.
The free version widgets include Media Grid, Pricing Table, Carousel, Modal Box, Fancy Text, Video Box, Countdown, Button, Progress Bar, Testimonials, Google Maps, etc.
In other words, PRO version widgets include Icon Box, 3D Hover box, Tables, Tabs, Content Switch, Image Compare, Alert Box, Google & Facebook Reviews, Messenger, Particles, and more.

Basic Things at a Glance:

  • 400,000+ Active Installations
  • Compatible with WordPress Version 5.0 and higher
  • 55+ widgets
  • Super lightweight website performance 
  • Disable option for the element you are not using 
  • Free Online Support 
  • Fully Responsive
Price: Price of Pro version starts from $39. And it has also 3 individual price plans.
This one comes from the team at Brainstorm Force, as well as the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder plugin.
It is another highly rated Elementor addon that you can’t miss out on. It provides 50+ widgets, 100+ website templates, and 200+ section blocks that come with advanced & unique features.
Ultimate Addons for elementor
Some of the popular widgets are Business Hours, Content Toggle, Gravity Form Styler, Modal Popup, Timeline, Video, Table, etc.
You get from stylists for both Contact Form 7 and Gravity Forms, as well as three WooCommerce widgets for add-to-cart, categories, and products.
But, since it doesn’t have any free version for you to try out, you need to purchase the premium version to get the live experience.

Things To Consider Before Choosing:

  • Endless options for customization and combinations
  • Built with top UX approaches 
  • Equally friendly for developers, designers, and beginners
  • Translator available
  • 50+ Eleemntor Widget
Price: The Ultimate Addon is not a free product. The cost of it ranges from $69. And it has also 6 individual price plans.
With a good collection of Elementor Premium Plugins. Jet Elements is one of them.
Crockoblock addons
This is equipped with enough widgets and ready-made blocks to help you with your design. It brands itself as “The All-in-One Service for Building WordPress Elementor Websites”.

CrocoBlock includes:

  • Jet plugins – this is a suite of 9 different plugins that add new widgets and visual effects to Elementor. 
  • Templates – you get access to tons of new Elementor templates – I’m not sure of the exact number, but it’s a lot.
However, since Crocoblock includes Jet Widgets as separate plugins you may want to give it a try on the localhost first. The more plugin you use the greater chance there is for conflicts – so just be sure to check before installing on your live site.

Livemesh Addons for Elementor

This Addon comes with a nice collection of versatile elements.
However, livemeshAddons features many extensions and Addons that are functional, yet easy to use.
This plugin comes with widgets for just about everything you need to build a professional website without switching to a premium theme.
Basic things at a Glance:
  • Blog post grids 
  • Compatible with WordPress Version 4.5 and higher
  • 100,000+ Active Installations
  • Testimonials and a testimonials slider 
  • Pricing plans
  • Responsive tabs
  • FAQ
  • Flat style buttons 
Price: Pricing starts from $37. And it has also 6 individual price plans.

Elementor Extras for Elementor

It is one of the top rate plugins that has 30+ useful widgets and extensions.
At the same time as other plugins recognition on creating such a lot of widgets, this plugin most effectively offers pinnacle-notch elements.

What's Inside Elementor Extras

  • 30+ Widgets and extensions 
  • Limited but extremely useful elements
  • Responsive design
  • Super-fast and lightweight 
  • No free version is available
  • Documentation support
  • Premium support
  • Demo for every element
  • Entrance animations
  • Progress bar timers
Price: Pricing starts from $26. And it has also 3 individual price plans

The Plus Addons

It has a huge collection of new Elementor widgets, templates, blocks, functionality, and more.
This addon comes with various customization options and can be called an all-in-one extension for Elementor.
Plus Addons carries more than 300+ UI blocks, templates, 82+ different widgets like tables, charts, infobox, countdown, headings, animated text, flip box, timeline, parallax, etc.
The plugin also includes top-notch support and you can even purchase an extended license if you’re a developer who wants to use The Plus on all of your client’s sites
Long story short – there’s a lot of functionality packed into The Plus Addons for Elementor!
  • 30,000+ Active Installation
  • Compatible with WordPress Version 4.0 or higher
  • 82+ Elementor Widgets
  • Customization options for all components
  • Features like Mouse Cursor Icon, Wrapper link and so on
Price: Pricing starts from $39. And it has also 6 individual price plans

AnyWhere Addons for Elementor

Let you create global Elementor sections in a few clicks. Its special functionality allows you to change in one place and reflect everywhere.
Insert Elementor pages, library templates, and global templates anywhere just using shortcodes.
Moreover, it supports WooCommerce sites with complete control over Single Product, Category Archives, and Shops page layouts.
Besides, this Premium Elementor Add-on offers a wide range of advanced attributes like Global Post Layouts, Post Archive Templates, Category, Tag Templates, Global layouts for Custom Post Types, Design 404 Pages, Design Search Page layouts, and more.

You Should Know before Install:

  • 80,000+ Active Installation
  • Compatible with WordPress Version 4.4 or higher
  • Full support for WooCommerce
  • Customization options for all components
  • Multiple Layout Modes – Show posts in Grid, List, Slider, Carousel & Smart Grids
Price: AnyWhere Elementor offers 4 different packages starts from $25 per year

PowerPack for Elementor

Another premium Addon plugin for Elementor created by WordPress Experts at IdeaBox and has 60+ elements in three widget categories.
Firstly, powerpack brings incredibly advanced, super-flexible widgets, and A to Z essential Addons to the Elementor page builder for WordPress.
Secondly, it has a good number of ready-made templates. And it supports almost every popular WordPress theme. And, also multilingual ready, including 15+ languages, and supports RTL language.
There are far too many widgets to list. But some of the more unique ones are:
  • 60+ creative Elementor widgets
  • 50,000+ Active Installation
  • Compatible with WordPress Version 5.0 or higher
  • 150+ ready-to-use section blocks
  • Special WooCommerce Widgets
  • Lightweight & Fast Loading
Price: $49 for a one-year license or $349 for a lifetime license.

Master Addons for Elementor

With Master Addons for Elementor, you can design modern layouts for your website. This free plugin adds more than 40+ new blocks and 100+ ready-to-use templates for you to build unique and stunning pages.
And should you want, even more, there is a premium version with additional blocks, including restricted content, image hotspot, flip boxes, gallery slider, and more!
There are also rich styling options like Mega Menus, Transformations, Floating Effects, Reveal/Relax, Hover effects, and more. Master Addons even offers custom CSS and JS modules to quickly add custom code to any post or page.
All of the Master Addons blocks come with customizable options so you can design your site exactly how you want it.
And, as a bonus, the developer even includes 11 themes you can use to style your site!
  • 45+ Elementor widgets
  • 20,000+ Active Installation
  • Compatible with WordPress Version 4.0 or higher
  • Easy to implement
  • Lightweight & Fast Loading
Price: Pricing starts from $29.


It allows you to download unlimited themes, plugins, graphics, photos, fonts, and more.
You can import a premium photo directly into your site without leaving WordPress.

Basic Facts at a Glance

  • 400,000+ active installations
  • Compatible with WordPress 4.6 and higher
  • 130,000+ Graphics Template
  • 50M+ additional stock photos and updating every week 
  • No dedicated element for GutenBurg but they are working on it.
Price: Unlimited Download of premium images from stock Gallery and Custom Template starting from $16.50/m.

Final Words on Best Elementor Addons

In conclusion, have you decided which addon you are going to use for your next project? Don’t feel bad if you are still confused about which one to pick.
As a result, here is a quick trick for you. Now, I am going to recommend 3 Elementor Addons for you.
Exclusive Elementor Addons: For the Exclusive Design and Great Template Library.
Essential Addons for Elementor: For the number of active users shows the credibility of the product.
Happy Addons for Elementor: For the Unique Design and Extensions.
That’s all about the Elementor Addons collection. I hope you got the perfect addon for your website.
Easy to use, simple interface, and functionality makes Elementor the Best WordPress Page Builder.
So, Ready To Try Exclusive Addons?
But, do you have any insight that you would like to share with us? Please share your opinion in the comments section below.
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