Navigation Menu

A Pixel Perfect Navigation Menu widget for Elementor. For a user-friendly site built with WordPress menu widget is what you need to create a trendy and responsive navigation menu bar. This Navigation Menu widget lets you add interactive, pixel perfect, second to none Elementor navigation menu to your website in the most convincing way.


Trendy and Elegant looking Navigation Menu widget with endless customizable options, you have never seen in Elementor before

Easy To Use Navigation Menu Widget

An easy to use elementor widget that helps users to find what they’re looking for. Just create menus from your dashboard. You will menu list in the widget edit panel. Choose a menu, and it will appear on the webpage.

Import Menu List From WordPress Menu

You can create a menu in wordpress, and select which pages or posts you want to show in the menu. Once you select the contents, add the menu to the list, and then select among them to show in the menu bar.

Create A Pixel Perfect Menu

Make your website navigation bar usable for smaller devices like mobile and tablets. You can set breakpoints for different devices. Create a menu with up to 786 pixels for mobile phones, 1024 pixels for tablets, and unlimited size for desktop screens.

Nav Bar Layout

Two layouts are available for the navigation bar. You can select the horizontal layout. Or can create a menu with a vertical layout. Choose the layout which best fits your web design. Options to set the menu alignment are also available.

Drop Down Menu

Create an interactive design with a drop-down menu. You can add items to drop-down section and provide more options for your visitors to navigate to your site. It will make your website more user-friendly.

Design A Second Navigation Menu

Have the full freedom to customize menu style. You can choose background color, adjust horizontal & vertical padding, space between items, and so on. You can also tailor the appearance of the Menu Trigger & Close Icon.

Add Hover Effect

You can include amazing hover effects. This wordpress menu widget has six different hover effects to make it look attractive while visitors interact with the navigation menu. You can also customize attributes for normal, hover, and active states.


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