Elementor Slider: Exactly What You Need To Integrate Slideshow on Your Website

Are you looking to add a stylish & Exclusive slider to your WordPress website?
Sliders are super versatile design tools.
In fact, you can use them for almost any web page you want. But, setting up WordPress slider widgets can get tedious and boring.
On the other hand, they need a significant amount of time to set from the ground up. That is why it is the best practice to use Elementor widgets when making sliders.
Adding a slider on your website with Elementor is super easy!
In this article, you will learn all about Elementor Sliders.

About Elementor Slider

A slider is great way to display a slideshow featuring images or videos, usually on your homepage.
Adding sliders to your site is no longer difficult. You don’t have to know coding anymore. Just use a slider widget and it will automatically insert the slider on your web page.
So, the Elementor slider would be a great tool to work with when building a WordPress site.
One of the best ways to add beautiful sliders with excellent responsiveness and advanced options.
You will also get many built-in, ready-to-deploy block designs and many customization options.
For example, you can create a hero slider or display your products on your homepage.
Furthermore, it’s easy to combine sliders with page builders. In fact, you can create a gorgeous slider in Elementor as well.
  • Flexibility
  • Easy to use
  • Responsiveness
  • Autoplay
  • Unique Customizations
So, Let’s learn all about it.

Why do you need an Elementor Slider?

The main benefit of using sliders is presenting all the contents in a visually pleasing manner.
The WordPress sites being easy to use, offers many plugins for slider. You could imagine slideshows in your head and make them true on the screen.
But when it comes to the sliders, none beats the Elementor slider due to its ease of use and customizability.
Here are some reasons to use a slider on your Elementor website.
  • Sliders can bring interactivity to your website. Instead of using standard arrows for navigation.
  • You can use CTA buttons. As a result, visitors can explore your content at their own pace.
  • Sliders are full of cool effects that help your website stand out from the crowd.
However, if you use a slider, your content needs less vertical space, so it’s more comfortable to browse.
Furthermore, you can leave appropriate white space around your content.
As a result, the page won’t be too long and uncomfortable to scroll through.
While Elementor makes it easy in many ways to build websites. Exclusive Addons Slider widget has made it even more easier with dozens of flexible, user-friendly, and easy-to-use features.

Features of Exclusive Addons Elementor Slider

With all the useful options, the only limit is your creative mind. Each feature does one thing and does it well.
Let us take a look at what makes it a great WordPress slideshow widget.

Flexibility with customization

Every single slider item is individually customizable. You will get full flexibility to create your own slider.
From text alignment, title, details, and progress bar to buttons, every item can be modified separately with individual custom animations.
You can add a number of items to each slider including title, details button, button link, background image, and individual custom styles.
Bring quality to your sliders with all of those items. With the repeater field, include or exclude any items you want.

Autoplay mode

Integrating the autoplay option sometimes becomes more of a hassle than a feature. Especially if you need to code it.
If you get this slider, you could bypass all that technical stuff and get right into playing with the features.
Activate the Autoplay Mode to display the carousel with an automatic sliding carousel. While enabled, slides can be displayed in an infinite loop with non-stop scrolling.
In Autoplay mode, you can add a slider progress bar with limitless customization options.

Horizontal and vertical style

Decide which style fits your site best. You can set the direction of how content will slide. The default style is horizontal sliding. You have the option to switch to vertical sliding by enabling vertical slide mode.
Set the global position for the slider, in horizontal or vertical orientation. You can change the text content position to center, left, or right, both horizontally or vertically.

Animated transition effect

You can add animation and effects with great freedom. It has many built-in effects and animations.
Fade mode, center mode, and vertical mode, three animated transition effects are available. Use these effects and bring some variety to the slider.
The WordPress slideshow gallery could get very interesting with a combination of these effects and animation.


Devices like mobile and tablets are more popular and have almost equal users like desktop or laptop. So it’s essential to build a responsive website.
Like all of our widgets, this Slider Widget is also fully responsive. So, anyone with any kind of viewing device can have the same kind of experience while using this elementor slide widget.
Users can have a super-fast loading experience with their devices.

How to use the Slider widget

Like other elementor widgets, adding a slider on your WordPress site is drag and drop easy.
As you place the slider, you get to configure the widget from content tab. You can add items, configure them individually.
In setting section, you will get features like autoplay, progress bar, fade mode, and transition speed.
Style tab, on the other hand, lets you customize slider design. You have complete control over every style of the widget.
To get a clear concept, see full documentation to know how to configure and style elementor slider widget.

Final thoughts

What makes Elementor slider great is its simplicity. This built-in slider is ready to jump into action as soon as you install the Elementor.
It gives relief from installing and maintaining separate sliders.
Even though the features it provides are pretty basic, but it fulfills the standard. You could make really interesting Elementor slideshows.
Once you get going with it, you won’t have to look back. This is really a great WordPress slideshow plugin that you should not miss out on.
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