Gravity Form

Gravity Form widget of Exclusive Addons helps you to create nearly all types of Gravity Forms Elementor. With Exclusive Addons, you can make almost all sorts of forms, including the user registration form, survey forms, polls, online orders, support requests, quizzes, and questionnaires, and way further.


Trendy and Elegant looking Gravity Form widget with endless customizable options, you have never seen in Elementor before

Style 1

Increase fields if the form requires one. Obviously, for different purposes, there will be a different number of fields. So the option to include or exclude fields is available. Make the form more relevant and easy to understand for the users with a title and a short description.

Gravity From 1

Style 2

Show or hide labels for any field if you want. Although hiding the label is not a good practice because it makes things difficult for the users to understand the purpose of the field, the option is there if you want to use it. The Placeholder feature allows adding text into the field as a hint or an example to let the user fill the form more easily.

Gravity Form 2

Style 3

Ajax is particularly effective while dealing with forms. Alongside a vast range of advantages, Ajax forms can update a web page without reloading gravity form elementor.

Gravity Form 3

  • Please enter a number from 1 to 100.
  • $0.00

Style 4

If the fields are not filled properly or say incorrectly, show a validation message that says in which field the problem lies. An error message, on the other hand, displays when an error occurred after filling the form up. Style the error message as well as a ‘Thank You’ message in limitless ways.

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