Visualization of data is old but still the most effective way to represent. Visualize your data in the most attractive and easiest way using Elementor Chart Widget, with 5 different styles and diverse number of customizable options. Vertical and Horizontal Bar chart, Line chart, Radar, and Pie chart, any of those charts you want are available all in one place.


Trendy and Elegant looking Chart widget with endless customizable options, you have never seen in Elementor before

Style 1 ( Vertical Bar )

With different data, use different charts according to the type of data or represent the same data in different ways with the variety of charts available with this Chart Widget.

Style 2 ( Horizontal Bar )

Insert and change Data to the chart. You can add the data to your chart easily and change them as well. Data on every label is separately changeable. You can do literally everything with this widget that, don’t have to use any other WordPress chart plugin.

Style 3 ( Line Chart )

Labeling the charts. To show more data, labeling the chart line is available. Add and then change the label of any part of any chart that you want. With our Exclusive Addons Chart Widget, data visualization on your website is now easy for you.

Style 4 ( Radar Chart )

Style 5 ( Pie Chart )

Fully Responsive. Exclusive Addons Chart Widget is compatible with nearly all types of devices with any screen size which makes it a perfectly responsive widget for WordPress Elementors.

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