Author Box

A simple, responsive Author Box widget for Elementor to display the author’s info of a post. A trendy and attractive way to present details like the name with image, website and social link, with dozens of customizable options to design the section how you want.


Trendy and Elegant looking Author Box widget with endless customizable options, you have never seen in Elementor before

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Maya Provisko

CTO & Co-Founder

Benta Rozen

Product Analysist

Benta Rojen

SEO Analyst & Content Marketer

Best Plugin For Elementor Page Builder

You surely don’t want a boring and old fashioned website. We’ve made all our elements look stylish and trendy to give your website a modern and fresh look.

Craly Bera

Full Stack Developer


FrontEnd Developer

Richa Provisko

Sr. Manager (Content Writing)

Moul Fark

Content Resource Executive


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